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While all aspects of our residential program are designed to create therapeutic opportunities throughout the course of the day, your child will receive specialized therapy services provided by staff who are professionally trained. Specialized therapy services are coordinated with the other components of your child’s treatment plan (school, cottage life, visits) to facilitate and support their progress in those areas.

Individual, Group & Family Therapy

Each child is assigned a Primary Therapist who holds a Master’s degree in psychology, social work or counseling. The average client case load for a Primary Therapist is seven clients, which allows for the weekly frequency of these services to be adjusted according to the individual needs of your child. The Therapists are supervised by the Director of Clinical Services, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), with over 15 years of residential treatment experience.

Psychiatric Consultation

Kemmerer Village employs a Illinois State Board certified child psychiatrist in a consulting role, which consists of eight hours on-campus each week, as well as on-call status for our Primary Therapists.

Therapeutic Recreation

Group and Individual Therapeutic Recreation activities for each client are based on the client’s Treatment Plan goals. Activities are designed to enhance client self-esteem, social and communication skills, cooperation, fine and large muscle motor skills by using a variety of mediums:

  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Team & Individual Sports – via the Illinois Inter-agency Athletic Association Physical fitness and Healthy Life-style Related activities. Hobby based activities to develop new interests and leisure alternatives.
  • Residential After Care & Advocacy - Typically a 30-90 day follow-up support by our clinical and case management staff to our clients and their families to facilitate the successful transition back into the family home. This service is provided at no additional cost